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LaserMark  Levels

Professional Tools for Professional Results!

Use your LaserMark for these and many other projects:

Checking 90 degree angles Pool Installation Home Building

Cabinets and shelves Ceiling installation Marking elevation

Fencing Porches and decks

Drop ceiling tiles; Carpentry; Interior walls; Tilework; Setting cabinets and shelves; Plumbing; Leveling floors; Doors and windows
Foundations; Masonry; Landscaping; Septic work; Pools; Fences; Driveways; Decks and patios; Remodeling

LaserMark Rotary Laser

LaserMark--The Red Beam Rotary Laser with One Man Operation
Economize without compromise with this manually leveling, 360 degree rotating red beam laser. Versatile for both interior and exterior applications, the LaserMark establishes a quick level reference for a multitude of construction and alignment applications. This laser sets new standards for afford-ability, productivity, and accuracy. THE PERFECT COMPLIMENT TO YOUR OPTICAL INSTRUMENT TOOLS!

Standard Features:

LaserMark LM300 Rotary Level
In addition to the above, the LM300 features the following:

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Cat. No. Description
57-LM100 LaserMark--Horizontal Laser Beam (level only); includes case, manual, batteries
57-LM200 LaserMark--Horizontal and Vertical Beams (level and plumb beams); includes case, manual, batteries
57-LM300 LaserMark--Horizontal and Vertical Beams (level and plumb beams), Auto shut-off when knocked out of level, optional remote control available; includes case, manual, batteries

57-LM100D LaserMark LM100 with #57-LD100 Detector
57-LM100I LaserMark LM100 Interior Package--includes #57-CMOUNT and #57-TARGET
57-LM100E LaserMark LM100 Exterior Package--includes #57-LD100 detector, #60-ALQC20 tripod, and 06-808C rod
57-LM100PKG LaserMark LM100 Complete Package--includes detector, wall/ceiling mount, grid target, tripod and rod

57-LM200D LaserMark LM200 with #57-LD100 Detector
57-LM200I LaserMark LM200 Interior Package--includes #57-CMOUNT and #57-TARGET
57-LM200E LaserMark LM200 Exterior Package--includes #57-LD100 detector, #60-ALQC20 tripod, and 06-808C rod
57-LM200PKG LaserMark LM200 Complete Package--includes detector, wall/ceiling mount, grid target, tripod and rod

57-LM300D LaserMark LM300 with #57-LD100 Detector
57-LM300I LaserMark LM300 Interior Package--includes #57-CMOUNT and #57-TARGET
57-LM300E LaserMark LM300 Exterior Package--includes #57-LD100 detector, #60-ALQC20 tripod, and 06-808C rod
57-LM300PKG LaserMark LM300 Complete Package--includes detector, wall/ceiling mount, grid target, tripod and rod

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NEW LaserMark Wizard Rotary Laserswizard logo

Compact Laser Power--Easy To Use and Easy On The Budget
Paying less doesn't always mean you'll get less! Acquire the power and versatility of a professional laser tool in a smaller, affordable, go-anywhere package...the Wizard! The fully-featured Wizard tackles various leveling and plumbing tasks with precision and ease. Use indoors or outdoors, with one-person, one button operation.


Cat. No. Description
57-LM10 LaserMark Wizard, level beam only (single beam)
57-LM20 LaserMark Wizard, level and plumb beams (dual beams)
57-LM20H LaserMark Wizard, dual beams with horizontal line generator
57-LM20HV LaserMark Wizard, dual beams with horizontal and vertical line generator

DETECTOR PACKAGE--Includes level & #57-LD100 laser detector
LaserMark LM10 Wizard & Detector Package
57-LM20D LaserMark LM20 Wizard & Detector Package

INTERIOR PACKAGE--Includes level, #57-CMOUNT wall/ceiling mount, & #57-TARGET target
LaserMark LM10 Wizard Interior Package
57-LM20I LaserMark LM20 Wizard Interior Package
57-LM20HI LaserMark LM20H Wizard Interior Package
57-LM20HVI LaserMark LM20HV Wizard Interior Package

EXTERIOR PACKAGE--Includes level, #57-LD100 laser detector, #60-ALQC20 tripod & #06-808C rod
LaserMark LM10 Wizard Exterior Package
57-LM20E LaserMark LM20 Wizard Exterior Package

COMPLETE PACKAGE--Includes level, wall/ceiling mount, target, laser detector, tripod & rod
LaserMark LM10 Wizard Complete Package
57-LM20PKG LaserMark LM20 Wizard Complete Package

Rotary Level Accessories
57-Cmount Adjustable Wall/Ceiling Mounting Bracket for LM100/200/300

57-Vmount Tripod Vertical Applications Mount and Ceiling/Wall Mount. Same as above, with a 5/8 x 11 female thread for mounting the level onto a tripod in order to project a vertical plumb line.

57-Target Grid Target for rotary lasers, with Magnetic Base

57-RC300 Remote Control for LM300 Rotary Level. Controls all functions of the LM300 Rotary Level (except power on/off).

57-LMRBAG Bag Only for LaserMark Rotary Level. Padded Cordura™ bag is blaze orange in color;includes accessory pocket.

57-LMRPKG Bag Only for LaserMark Level Package. Large, padded Cordura™ bag includes compartments for level plus ceiling mount, target, and laser detector. Wide shoulder strap ensures comfortable carrying.

57-GLASSES Red Laser Glasses. Improves visibility of laser beams under bright conditions or over distances. Great for use with either rotary or straight-line laser tools which project a visible red beam. One size fits all.

57-LD100 Laser Detector with Rod Clamp
The large beam capture window (2-1/2"/64mm) allows easy detection of beam. ON/OFF, Audio ON/OFF, and Beam Resolution controls are mounted on a pressure-sensitive key pad with LED level, out-of-level, and mode indicators. Auto shut-off. For use with LaserMark rotary lasers.

57-LD200 Universal Laser Detector
CST's universal laser detector can be used with any rotating visible or invisible laser on the market, including Topcon, Spectra-Physics, Laser Alignment, and others. Dual-sided LCD displays show above/below/at level, beam resolution, and battery strength. Includes push-button Power ON/OFF, Audio ON/OFF, and Beam Resolution controls. Auto shut-off. Comes with rod clamp.

NEW LaserMark 8" Laser Torpedo Levels
A must for every tool box...new LaserMark Torpedo Levels set the new benchmark for laser tools.

These feature-packed, compact and rugged tools will make all your leveling, aligning and plumbing jobs efficient and cost-effective. These value-packed tools have more versatility than most laser tools twice the price. Once again, LaserMark takes value and versatility to a new level. Plus, CST offers three different models to suit your needs and budget.





Tripod Threads
1/4" x 20


Beam Bender/Beam
Spreader Compatible*

Magnetic Base


1/4" @ 50'
(6mm @ 15m)






1/4" @ 100'
(6mm @ 30m)






1/4" @ 100'
(6mm @ 30m)





*--Beam Bender/Spreader are optional items.

D-I-Y Torpedo Level
Our D-I-Y model offers just the basics: fixed level, plumb, and 45° vials, and a powerful visible laser beam. Affordable accuracy!

Cat. No. Description
57-LMETL8 D-I-Y Torpedo Level Only


PRO Torpedo Level
The standard model includes an inclinometer and is compatible with all optional attachments. A useful tool for various projects.

Cat. No. Description
57-LMTL8 PRO Torpedo Level Only
57-LMTL8P PRO Torpedo Level Package; includes beam bender, beam spreader, and case


MAGNUM Torpedo Level
All the versatility of the PRO model, plus a magnetic base! Enjoy hands-free use on metal surfaces such as conduit, pipe, steel studs, and more.

Cat. No. Description
57-LMTL8M MAGNUM Torpedo Level Only
57-LMTL8MP MAGNUM Torpedo Level Package; includes beam bender, beam spreader, and case


8" Torpedo Level Optional Accessories
Enhance the versatility of your LaserMark 8" torpedo level.

Cat. No. Description
57-LM8BB Beam Bender; deflects the beam to 90° from horizontal in any direction
57-LM8BS Beam Spreader; creates a laser "chalk line"
57-LM8AP Rotary Adapter; allows 360° rotation of level with or without tripod
57-LM8BG Padded Carrying Case

LaserMark Precision Torpedo Level
The ultimate productivity tool for a multitude of indoor and outdoor projects. State-of-the-art design and a powerful, highly visible laser dot make this a valuable tool for both professionals and "do-it-yourselfers". Use the LaserMark torpedo level even in bright sunlight! The LaserMark's laser beam also projects a "bull's-eye" target, enabling the user to pinpoint the center of the laser dot. Die cast aluminum construction, CNC machining, and powder painted exterior provide precision and durability. Three precision level vials ensure ±1/4" accuracy at 100 feet. Double plumb vials allow accurate vertical plumbing either up or down. Four "AA" batteries provide over 40 hours of continuous operation. Batteries, padded carrying case, and manual included. Class IIIa eye-safe laser.

Cat. No. Description
57-LMTL30 LaserMark Precision Torpedo Level,Wt. 2 lbs.
57-LMTL30P LaserMark Precision Torpedo Level Package; includes case, beam bender, beam spreader, and tripod mount

LaserMark Laser Hand Level

Complete indoor layouts in minutes with one person!
The 24" (600mm) long LaserMark Laser Hand Level uses precise level vials and an eye visible laser beam to extend the level reference up to 100 feet (30m) at 1/4" (6mm) accuracy. The laser beam is able to shoot over 500 feet (150m) to accommodate numerous indoor building projects.

Carpentry; Drop ceiling tiles; Interior walls; Tilework; Setting cabinets and shelves; Plumbing; Leveling floors; Doors and windows

Manufactured from an aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum extrusion, the LaserMark is built to take a drop in the field. It also features field calibration; check and adjust the LaserMark yourself to ensure total system accuracy.

Three "AA" size batteries power the LaserMark for up to 25+ hours of continuous operation. Batteries are included with the LaserMark Laser Hand Level, along with a padded carrying case with shoulder strap and instruction manual.

Cat. No. Description
57-LRL32N LaserMark Visible Red Laser Hand Level; Includes 3 "AA" Batteries

57-LMAP Leveling/Rotary Adapter for LaserMark
57-LMBB 90 degree Beam Bender; deflects the beam to 90 degrees from horizontal in any direction
57-LMBS Beam Spreader; creates a laser "chalk line"
See below for more information on LaserMark adapters.

Enhance your LaserMark laser hand level or torpedo levels with these easy-to-use, snap-in attachments. The 90 degree beam bender provides simultaneous horizontal and vertical beams and can be rotated 360 degrees for vertical referencing and squaring out jobs. The beam spreader creates a laser "chalk line". The rotating tripod adapter allows 360 degree use of the level with or without a tripod; includes leveling screws and 5/8 x 11 mounting thread. For LMTL30 and LRL32N models.

Cat. No. Description
57-LMBB 90 degree Beam Bender
57-LMBS Beam Spreader
57-LMAP Rotary Tripod Adapter

LaserMark products are made in the USA to Class II or Class IIIa specifications. All LaserMarks ship as Class IIIa unless specified otherwise. LaserMark is a registered trademark of CST Corporation.

DISTO basic Laser Distance Meterdisto in use

Hold laser measuring accuracy in your hand! One person operation for thousands of applications.
This latest addition to CST's laser family allows you to determine length, width, and height quickly and accurately. Simply aim the visible laser beam at your target, and press a button; the DISTO measures the distance to the laser dot on the object and displays the measurement digitally. The DISTO also allows you to add and subtract measurements, and compute area and volume.


Cat. No. Description
56-DISTOB Laser Distance Meter

Class II Caution Labeling Class IIIa Danger Labeling